Snow Strategies - Clearing Pathways to Your Success

Success Stories

Snow Strategies has assisted corporate and non-profit clients in both the government and private sectors. Here are a few examples of pathways we have cleared for clients:
  • When two pediatric therapy practices wanted a stronger voice at the state Capitol, they turned to Snow Strategies to establish a statewide non-profit trade association. We formed the Alliance for Pediatric Therapies for individuals who own occupational, speech and physical therapy practices that primarily serve children. Today, the Alliance has a membership of more than 50 practices across Florida. Snow Strategies represents the interests of Alliance members before private insurers, state agencies and the Florida Legislature on issues ranging from Early Steps to Medicaid.
  • We obtained a 10% Medicaid rate increase for a provider group that we represented through Legislative appropriation.
  • We were able to overturn a long-standing state Medicaid policy that prevented some medically fragile children from receiving services from one of our client groups. This victory provided children with serious medical issues greater access to the care they need.
  • When Medicaid payments were delayed to health care providers due to technical problems with the state fiscal agents, Snow Strategies expedited payment of over $100,000 in Medicaid “paper claim” reimbursements that were due to our client.